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For a couple of posts I will be covering the look of the seasons according to Europe’s most trendiest designers. That look is exotics, everything from florals to animal skin is in this season. I went out to Nordstrom and literally all of the 2010 collections were of exotic nature. Below is the first of a series that I will do on this trend. It is a floral bag from Valentino, despite the fact that Valentino has always had in his past seasons, some type of flower on bags or clutches, I think this one tops it all off. Let’s take a look at it:

IMG_8286 IMG_8288

From an eye-witness standpoint, this bag truly is a work of art, the way each flower is sewed on the actual bag is amazingly artistic in nature. Also the bag may look overwhelming a bit unrealistic to wear outside of your home garden, but take it from me it’s actually not as bad as it looks. The flowers don’t drastically pop out of the bag, rather they are pressed closer to the bag. Other designers that are also working on the exotic type of look are Chloe and  Jimmy Choo, and we will take a look at their take on exotics next.


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