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As promised, more from the designers that are moving from stilettos to sneakers. I was shocked that Prada would even make a move like this, but they are really trying to appeal to wider audiences it seems like. True the sneakers are $350, but for a Prada that is nothing, so take it and run. You can see their logo on the middle strap of the sneakers, usually the company is a little humbler about splashing their name all over their stuff. Usually its a small engraving on handbags, but hey, if I’m buying sneakers for $350, I’m going to want you to know where they are from.



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Well praise the lord that you haven’t got caught yet. Check this out.

I don’t really agree that the money is going to terrorist organizations from the proceeds that come out of the fake bags but it definitely is a big business. Check this link out of another group that was busted.

I really love testing bags to see if they are real or fake, like let me give you a prime example of how to tell a fake Prada bag from a real one, simple the letter R in the real bag has the stem of the letter a bit stretched out than the fake ones. And that my children was the tip of the day.

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