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I was walking through Neiman Marcus the other day thinking about how cold the mall’s garage was and how cold it was getting in general when the last day of summer was just a few days ago. So i came across two very lovely rain/snow boots, one from Juicy Couture and the other from Burberry. Juicy Couture (on the left) was a very chic sturdy boot that I tried on and was actually pretty comfortable. Burberry (on the right) just struck me as unique because it didn’t have the everyday plaid that Burberry is famous for. You will also notice that on the top of the Burberry boot there is thing that you can actually tie when you put your foot inside in order to avoid rain or snow to get in. The details on both of the boots where pretty new and classic. Let’s check them out.

juicyI think I’ll buy both. The price break down is as follows: Juicy Couture Boot: $125.00 and Burberry Boot: $275.00


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