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Along with the previously mentioned post, I’m sure all of you are aware that I’m totally in to this season’s exotic type look. What is Ironic is that I have always been the type to hate animal prints, etc…However, this is a bit different. Jimmy Choo has an amazingly adorable bag that is made out of python skin, for the handles, and zebra skin for the rest of the bag. Touching this bag, just made you feel like a million dollars, the zebra skin was clean and actually didn’t smell, which was another reason that I didn’t like animal prints is because they always smelled funny. Let’s take a look at this bag, by the way, my photography is pretty good but still does not do this bag justice.

IMG_8293 IMG_8294

I zoomed in on the handles just so you can see the actual python handles. They feel scaly but not too scaly, just enough for you to ask the salesperson again, “Oh wow, you were really serious that these were python skin handles?” I would pretty say awesome and gorgeous. Notice also that the color combination goes outside of the catalog, you would normally not think that those three colors go together, however what is also in style now is the risk of stepping outside of the black and white boundaries.


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