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For a while now, I have searched long and hard for a standard olive colored bag that I could rock every time I was digging olive oil. I must say that L.A.M.B. definitely gets this prize and I feel kind of bad because I overlooked the brand as a whole because I never thought that my sense of style and Gwen Stefani’s would ever cross paths. This bag is just amazing inside out, it has a really clean design. I think that the designer really executes the combination of the material pretty well which is apparent by looking at the exterior of the bag. This bag by L.A.M.B. is simple yet chic and also comes in other colors like black and variants of red and orange. Let’s take a look at it. LAMB

Gwen Stefani Bravo. This bag is only $450.00, something like this made by Prada or Gucci would definitely cross the 1 grand line. So take the $450 and run with it.


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