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So I have a secret crush on watches and an even bigger crush on anything and everything Michael Kors (MK) makes, designs, breathes on, you get the idea right? If there is one designer that would appeal to the masses I think it would definitely be MK. There are a couple of watches that I HAD to share with you guys. Everyone wears three things: jeans, black, and beige, in Michael’s world there is something for every outfit. The first black watch stands out to me because it’s one of the few black watches that actually have a feminine twist to them. You can wear this not only with black but also with gold accessories and jeans- price: $195.00. The second from the left is simply gorgeous, I saw this watch with a white band and fell in love with it. I was immediately attracted to this watch because of its size. I tend to like things that are out there, I don’t do simple things. The details on this watch are what push this on the brim of both contemporary and classy. You could rock this with not only beiges but this would also go great on olives and blues – price: $195.00. The last watch on the right is definitely an everyday watch. I saw this watch in person and got a chance to put it on and it is the perfect weight, as in not too heavy but not too light either – price:$195.00. All with amazingly low prices, another reason to love MK.

blackCheck out more of MK, because he has the “It” factor.


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