This might be something that you are not exposed to as much. In the religion of Islam women are required to cover their hair using a head scarf, hijab, when outside of their house and when in the presence of non-related men. There are however so many stylish ways to go about this religious mandate while still have fun. Featured below is Egyptian hijab stylist Nanees Selim who is very famous in the Middle East and especially in Egypt. She shows one of the very many ways for a girl to wear her hijab. Check it out:

63Currently in Egypt, there are salons that specialize in Selim’s area of specialty, they tie your hijab in creative ways. How does it work? You, as a customer, would bring them the scarves that you want to use, and, usually depending on the occasion you are going to you will either get a simple look or a more sophisticated one.


Hey there everyone, welcome to international week where all of my content for the next six posts will be straight out of the Middle East. This specific post is on Saudi Arabian “Jalabiyat.” Jalabiyat look like dresses and are worn to different occasions depending on the degree of fanciness. This one is one of my favorites and is typically worn to weddings and special occasions. This attire is also appropriate if guests visit your house or if you are invited to someone’s house typically over food.

jalabeya 1

Jalabiyat come in so many styles and are typically very colorful.

Sperry is not as new I thought it was, but their cormorant rubber slip-ons are amazing for the weather that is yet to come. They are really comfortable and caught my attention because they just look different. When I was exploring them, I had a friend with me that wasn’t too excited about them, which made me second-guess them. So tell me what you think about them and whether you would wear them or not?  Check this out:


Take note of their detail especially on the front of the shoe. They are extremely economically pocket-friendly too as they are only $80. If you hate stepping in puddles and getting your socks wet, these are the way to go, just don’t step too hard because they are open on the top. You knew that right? So would you rock these on a rainy day?

PRADA Hits the Streets

As promised, more from the designers that are moving from stilettos to sneakers. I was shocked that Prada would even make a move like this, but they are really trying to appeal to wider audiences it seems like. True the sneakers are $350, but for a Prada that is nothing, so take it and run. You can see their logo on the middle strap of the sneakers, usually the company is a little humbler about splashing their name all over their stuff. Usually its a small engraving on handbags, but hey, if I’m buying sneakers for $350, I’m going to want you to know where they are from.


Ok, you can stop trying to read the designers name already. This is definitely a name that I haven’t heard before, but I decided to feature the flats because I thought that the method of combining both material and patent leather was really elegant and not many can pull it off. Simplicity is definitely in, and these shoes speak that in more ways than one.


If you notice, they aren’t totally on the ground, they have a mini-heel that adds to the simplicity of the design. Very well done, Mr./Mrs. Attilio Giusti Leombruni.

TEMPTU Airbrush Make-Up

Ok so I walked into Sephora today and I was amazed with what I saw in front of my face. It was an Airbrush make-up station. This is how it works: You pick your foundation color just you normally would for normal foundation, you plug it into the electric sprayer and spray away. Would you use something like this? Here is what the device looks like as well as a Sephora employee having it applied.:


The part in the front is removable and contains color.
























This machine does not only do foundation, there are also blushes as well as bronzers. The machine itself is a little over $200 and each color tube is $51 and would typically last you one month. The foundation is made to last for 10 hours at a time. Do you think this is a cost effective make-up application method?

Ok, try to set aside the fact that flats in general are so comfortable at work or school, let’s focus on how cute these Tory Burch flats are. These are really sleek and trendy, and have the ability to accentuate any outfit. They can either turn a blah outfit into a WOW outfit and also have the ability to turn up the heat on already awesome outfits. Here it is you guys:


So they come in a variety of colors as you can see, they also have a flexible end at the end of the shoe so that the grip is not as hard on your foot. They come in suede, leather, and patent leather.