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This week I want to focus on men’s fashion, and yes such a thing exists. So stepping aside from the male world for a second, in general military jackets are definitely in style and it’s one of the few styles that go well for men and women. Here are some lovely Dolce and Gabbana jackets, some of them however only for the runway. Check them out

The design on this particular jacket gives you more of a military feel. Especially the shoulders and the way the jacket is cut.

You want to know what makes them so militarily cool, the buttons oh the buttons.


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In this tough economy, there is only one thing that college grads think about, getting a job. In an economy like this one, many grads stop trying to look for jobs in the major that they had in college and start applying for any thing under the sun to make ends meet. Internships however are an easy way to solve this problem as they are a way to “get your foot into the door.” I interviewed one of my classmates who recently is getting awesome internship interviews. Her name is Josmari Rodriguez- a senior of journalism at Towson University.

When you were searching for an internship did you necessarily want something in fashion or were you looking for a basic journalism internship? When I started looking for an internship I wanted to lean toward fashion. When I applied to Marie Claire, they interviewed me imediately, of course I didn’t get it because I’m working on a second opportunity. I’m glad I didn’t get it because I wasn’t ready and I applied to the wrong department. I applied to the fashion department instead of the features department where I could write about fashion. duh. At least it was an experience, I learned so much about writing since then and I’m so much more prepared for an interview because the first one was a disaster! It’s funny now, but it wasn’t funny when I was asked a question and all I did was stare out the window of the 34th floor, thinking “this is not real.”

Where have you searched for internships? I have searched for internships in eight different places this time around from local to out of state. I applied to my favorite magazines, which is always a good idea, as well as Baltimore Style and Girl’s Life in the city.

Where have you landed your internship?I haven’t gotten an internship YET. on the 11th of this month I will be going to NY for a second interview but this time with Latina magazine. I’m very excited because I feel so prepared and I see no reason why I shouldn’t have it in the bag.

What skills do you feel you have that would add to your experience at your internship?I can edit pretty well and I’m not too bad of a writer.
My personality is so laid back that being crunched for time doesnt bother me at all. My curiousity for so many things help me be a better journalist. I care about so many things and I’m open to so much I can investigate, promote, and inspire. I like to make things known, tell a story or just admire fashion and write about that. There is a story behind everything and I love finding them.

How did you find your internship?As I was applying I just thought of Latina magazine and said “how the hell could I forget about this!” Im thinking positive and preparing myself for the interview and trying to find a cute pair of black boots for chilly NY.

What advice can you give to college juniors and seniors on what the most effective way to get an internship would be?Honestly, dont make your cover letter academic. The editors you’re sending it to only has a paper in their hand to get to know you. Not a picture not a video, nothing. If your personality isn’t in the cover letter most likely they will get bored and move on to the next letter that will spark them. I didn’t ask any teacher to revise my cover letters nor did i go to academic planning office yet, I got interviews. I had a friend read my cover letter to see what changes she would make and she squeezed all my personality out of it and made it dry, black and white, very academic. I’m just so glad I’m the type of person that follows my heart. Glad I didn’t use her edition.

I wish Josmari all the success, and do let us know when you get that internship.

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Ok, try to set aside the fact that flats in general are so comfortable at work or school, let’s focus on how cute these Tory Burch flats are. These are really sleek and trendy, and have the ability to accentuate any outfit. They can either turn a blah outfit into a WOW outfit and also have the ability to turn up the heat on already awesome outfits. Here it is you guys:


So they come in a variety of colors as you can see, they also have a flexible end at the end of the shoe so that the grip is not as hard on your foot. They come in suede, leather, and patent leather.

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Gucci Jockey Hobo

This new bag by Gucci is made out of brown python skin with a brown leather trim and brass hardware. The bag’s dimensions are 14 3/5″H x 18 3/10″W x 4 1/2″D, pretty nice size if you think about it. The handles are non-adjustable and come in a single strap. In the world of python skin bags, quality has to be realized at first sight, this bag definitely acheives that. Let’s take a look at the bag:


As far as functionality is concerned, I would consider this to be more of an evening bag than a day-time one. A unique aspect of the bag is that towards the middle, Gucci executes very smoothly a mini crunch-ruffle that adds character to the bag as well. The bag itself is very shiny and the python skin looks as if it was just taken from the snake a couple of minutes ago.

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Twittering on heels…

Ok folks, I’m sure everyone knows of twitter….So I thought it would be a good idea to follow people on twitter that are powerful fashion icons…and here is who I thought was worth following.

Louis Vuitton is one of my favorite brands from France. Their twitter talks about their new lines, features celebrities wearing there things, and talks about current fashion shows that are being exhibited. Louis Vuitton is one of my favorite brands from France. Their twitter talks about their new lines, features celebrities wearing there things, and talks about current fashion shows that are being exhibited.

roberts_biggerI absolutely love this twitterer because she really like gets out there and features the best bags, definitely worth a stop.

shoe1_bigger@Fashionobsessed…We all know that shoes can make or break an outfit. This twitterer really gets out there in terms of linking out to different shoe sites as opposed to directly commenting on them.

hpCover_thisissue_bigger@FashionCanada…We always wanna know what the canadians are up to…this is an inside on fashion up there in the motha land.

KLS_DENIM_WEB_bigger@BabyPhat…Whether you know about it or not, and whether you like or not, Kimora Lee Simmons has her own line, Baby Phat. Follow her here, although not all of her tweets are about her line.

TLCsmall_bigger@TLC_PR…There are a lot of fashion shows on the TLC network, such as “What Not to Wear”….I love that show!

DSC_0070_bigger @JessicaSimpson…Beleive it or not this is Jessica Simpson’s Twitter picture…don’t ask me why but I think it has to do with Nick, anyway she has her own line as well. I really like her shoes and bags. So semi-worth follwing…

fashion_bigger@fashion_models…Haven’t been follwing this for a long time, but this is like a model portal in California basically. It also looks like they feature different designers as well as fashion shows.

timesfashion_bigger@TimesFashion…We all know that London defines class within its fashion industry, this twitterer updates us on what Tony Blair’s land is wearing…

profile-pic_bigger @glamour_fashion…This is called Glamour fashion and it basically is a general fashion twitter that talks about what is new in the fashion industry and what celebrities are wearing etc…

So yea you guys, definitely check these out. It’s really easy to follow what goes on in the fashion world by literally following them. Happy Twittering 🙂

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The World of Bags…

Cole Hann really defines smooth class…as far as smooth wallets though…I don’t think they would win. They aren’t necessarily on the cheap side, however the particular bag featured today is featured because it is different. I like the color combination and feel that you can wear it with a lot of things easily. This bag is originally $295.oo, which really isn’t that bad considering other prices they produce and expect mainstream America to buy. This bag is now on sale at Neiman Marcus for $133.00. I personally think it is really trendy and an everyday bag. Cole HannYou don’t always have to go by the catalog in terms of only wearing this bag with green or beige try and accessorize the outfits you already have  and see what would flow with this bag.

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…That we are in a recession? Tory Burch was thrust into fame primarily by her signature shoe that was received by many fans. Today’s featured outfit is all Tory Burch vs. 3 Different Brands (Bagatelle, Forever 21, and Blank Basic)…Let’s take a look..

.Tory Burch Comp.The Amount Saved is more than half and in my honest opinion I really like the one I compiled more than Tory Burch’s!

It is very important not to get knocked off your feet by the brand name…look beyond that into creativity and more importantly saving money!!!

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