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Sperry is not as new I thought it was, but their cormorant rubber slip-ons are amazing for the weather that is yet to come. They are really comfortable and caught my attention because they just look different. When I was exploring them, I had a friend with me that wasn’t too excited about them, which made me second-guess them. So tell me what you think about them and whether you would wear them or not?  Check this out:


Take note of their detail especially on the front of the shoe. They are extremely economically pocket-friendly too as they are only $80. If you hate stepping in puddles and getting your socks wet, these are the way to go, just don’t step too hard because they are open on the top. You knew that right? So would you rock these on a rainy day?


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As promised, more from the designers that are moving from stilettos to sneakers. I was shocked that Prada would even make a move like this, but they are really trying to appeal to wider audiences it seems like. True the sneakers are $350, but for a Prada that is nothing, so take it and run. You can see their logo on the middle strap of the sneakers, usually the company is a little humbler about splashing their name all over their stuff. Usually its a small engraving on handbags, but hey, if I’m buying sneakers for $350, I’m going to want you to know where they are from.


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Ok, you can stop trying to read the designers name already. This is definitely a name that I haven’t heard before, but I decided to feature the flats because I thought that the method of combining both material and patent leather was really elegant and not many can pull it off. Simplicity is definitely in, and these shoes speak that in more ways than one.


If you notice, they aren’t totally on the ground, they have a mini-heel that adds to the simplicity of the design. Very well done, Mr./Mrs. Attilio Giusti Leombruni.

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I hit the malls searching for something that all the designers were copying each other on. What did I find you ask? Well, there apparently is a fad going on with top designers and sneakers. How do you feel about this? Check out these pictures of COACH and let me know.


More posts to come on other designers doing the same thing. I think I kind of like it, COACH does a really good job with incorporating color in these shoes. Take note that they aren’t just sneakers they also have converse style shoes as well as other shoe cuts. So what DO you think of this new trend among designers.

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Just in case you thought that you have bought the cutest shoes that your local mall has to offer, Alexander McQueen is here to prove you wrong. In his fashion show that I saw online, I was convinced that Aliens had moved next door after I saw the shoes featured. I don’t think I remember any of the clothes as much as the shoes caught my attention. Literally, each pair was a work of art and I firmly believe that there should only be one of each. I don’t know how the dynamics of foot pain will work into this fashion statement, but I always say “Fashion over comfort”.


All three of the shoes illustrate the meaning of exotic being in style this season. I really don’t know how the models were walking in them, absolutely amazing. I can imagine the second shoe being hand made, the first shoe however is made out of reptile skin. My favorite one is the first one, which one is yours?

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I was walking through Neiman Marcus the other day thinking about how cold the mall’s garage was and how cold it was getting in general when the last day of summer was just a few days ago. So i came across two very lovely rain/snow boots, one from Juicy Couture and the other from Burberry. Juicy Couture (on the left) was a very chic sturdy boot that I tried on and was actually pretty comfortable. Burberry (on the right) just struck me as unique because it didn’t have the everyday plaid that Burberry is famous for. You will also notice that on the top of the Burberry boot there is thing that you can actually tie when you put your foot inside in order to avoid rain or snow to get in. The details on both of the boots where pretty new and classic. Let’s check them out.

juicyI think I’ll buy both. The price break down is as follows: Juicy Couture Boot: $125.00 and Burberry Boot: $275.00

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Well praise the lord that you haven’t got caught yet. Check this out.

I don’t really agree that the money is going to terrorist organizations from the proceeds that come out of the fake bags but it definitely is a big business. Check this link out of another group that was busted.

I really love testing bags to see if they are real or fake, like let me give you a prime example of how to tell a fake Prada bag from a real one, simple the letter R in the real bag has the stem of the letter a bit stretched out than the fake ones. And that my children was the tip of the day.

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