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Chloé has just released this amazing bag that is a mix between python skin and genuine leather. This bag is rocked by many celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston. I never thought those two had an amazing sense of style until I found out that they actually carry these bags. This bag is a little narrower on the bottom of the bag than it is on the bottom, so it is great for those that love things that are in the middle in terms of size. Here is the bag guys:

IMG_8298 IMG_8299

It’s a very functional bag, this as well as the previously featured Marc Jacobs bag are probably the most functional exotics of the season. In the handbag world, functionality is measured by color as well as style and how likely you are to wear this bag in public. Out of the featured bags, I think I like this one the best, it may be a personality thing, but this bag makes a strong statement and is really out there and in style at the same time.


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Who doesn’t love Marc Jacobs? Other than the word expensive, Jacobs’ products are also known for being unique and having the ability to stand out. I think this bags tops the rest in terms of originality in using python skin. This particular bag design was released last season however it was executed by just normal leather and no studs. This new bag is the same style but has a totally new face, this ENTIRE bag is made out of python skin. The way this bag feels amazing, the skin is smooth but flaky at the same time, I would totally buy it if it was running for 1500.00+, no comment about the price of course. Here is the Mona Lisa of bags:

IMG_8289 IMG_8290

So this is the bag, it comes in black (above) as well as blue. The studs are indeed gold and unfortuantely, until Bill Gates invents something that allows you feel the screen, you really will be missing out on this awesome bag. You don’t have to cry though, you can visit your local Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, or Sax 5th Ave, to experience this lovely “thing.”

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Along with the previously mentioned post, I’m sure all of you are aware that I’m totally in to this season’s exotic type look. What is Ironic is that I have always been the type to hate animal prints, etc…However, this is a bit different. Jimmy Choo has an amazingly adorable bag that is made out of python skin, for the handles, and zebra skin for the rest of the bag. Touching this bag, just made you feel like a million dollars, the zebra skin was clean and actually didn’t smell, which was another reason that I didn’t like animal prints is because they always smelled funny. Let’s take a look at this bag, by the way, my photography is pretty good but still does not do this bag justice.

IMG_8293 IMG_8294

I zoomed in on the handles just so you can see the actual python handles. They feel scaly but not too scaly, just enough for you to ask the salesperson again, “Oh wow, you were really serious that these were python skin handles?” I would pretty say awesome and gorgeous. Notice also that the color combination goes outside of the catalog, you would normally not think that those three colors go together, however what is also in style now is the risk of stepping outside of the black and white boundaries.

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For a couple of posts I will be covering the look of the seasons according to Europe’s most trendiest designers. That look is exotics, everything from florals to animal skin is in this season. I went out to Nordstrom and literally all of the 2010 collections were of exotic nature. Below is the first of a series that I will do on this trend. It is a floral bag from Valentino, despite the fact that Valentino has always had in his past seasons, some type of flower on bags or clutches, I think this one tops it all off. Let’s take a look at it:

IMG_8286 IMG_8288

From an eye-witness standpoint, this bag truly is a work of art, the way each flower is sewed on the actual bag is amazingly artistic in nature. Also the bag may look overwhelming a bit unrealistic to wear outside of your home garden, but take it from me it’s actually not as bad as it looks. The flowers don’t drastically pop out of the bag, rather they are pressed closer to the bag. Other designers that are also working on the exotic type of look are Chloe and  Jimmy Choo, and we will take a look at their take on exotics next.

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Well praise the lord that you haven’t got caught yet. Check this out.

I don’t really agree that the money is going to terrorist organizations from the proceeds that come out of the fake bags but it definitely is a big business. Check this link out of another group that was busted.

I really love testing bags to see if they are real or fake, like let me give you a prime example of how to tell a fake Prada bag from a real one, simple the letter R in the real bag has the stem of the letter a bit stretched out than the fake ones. And that my children was the tip of the day.

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For a while now, I have searched long and hard for a standard olive colored bag that I could rock every time I was digging olive oil. I must say that L.A.M.B. definitely gets this prize and I feel kind of bad because I overlooked the brand as a whole because I never thought that my sense of style and Gwen Stefani’s would ever cross paths. This bag is just amazing inside out, it has a really clean design. I think that the designer really executes the combination of the material pretty well which is apparent by looking at the exterior of the bag. This bag by L.A.M.B. is simple yet chic and also comes in other colors like black and variants of red and orange. Let’s take a look at it. LAMB

Gwen Stefani Bravo. This bag is only $450.00, something like this made by Prada or Gucci would definitely cross the 1 grand line. So take the $450 and run with it.

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