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My first post in International Week was about the “jalabiya”, this one however is about the “abaya.” The difference between the two is that the “jalabiya” can be either loose or form fitting as well as much more fitting than the “abaya.” The “abaya” on the other hand, is mostly black but does often contain some color. The “abaya” is also worn throughout the Middle East while the “jalabiya” is more common in the Persian Gulf region.  The below picture is of a abaya featured in a haute couture fashion show for Saks Fifth Avenue in Riyadh and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. These are all designed by French designers. Check it out:

france-fashion-designer-abayas-2009-6-26-15-51-49This is really classy and probably also very expensive.


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I just love it when east meets west. Elie Saab is one of my favorite all-time designers when it comes to dresses designed for special occasions. His dresses are never overboard with detail and are always perfect. Here at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards, Beyonce is seen wearing a very elegant Elie Saab dress. I’m going to let the picture talk now:

bElie Saab is a Lebanese fashion designer, and one of the few Middle Eastern designers that has gained credibility in the Western fashion industry.

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Just when I was wondering whether International styles from the Islamic world made it onto runways I found the following link that featured a fashion show in Jakarta, Indonesia. I’m posting up my favorite dresses out of the ones featured on the website. Check them out:

mmPersonally, I love fabric that flows and according to Malik Moestaram, designer of the above dresses, they are definitely in this season. There were also more designers that were a bit more into vintage designs, an example is featured below:

jnghNice design, however the chances of me wearing them are slim, in fact, very slim.

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Hey there everyone, welcome to international week where all of my content for the next six posts will be straight out of the Middle East. This specific post is on Saudi Arabian “Jalabiyat.” Jalabiyat look like dresses and are worn to different occasions depending on the degree of fanciness. This one is one of my favorites and is typically worn to weddings and special occasions. This attire is also appropriate if guests visit your house or if you are invited to someone’s house typically over food.

jalabeya 1

Jalabiyat come in so many styles and are typically very colorful.

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